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  • What is the minimum age to work?
    You must be at least 18 years old to become an agent.
  • Do I have to take an assessment for employment?
    You will be required to pass an employment assessment prior to beginning work with our agency. We are here to assist you with anything you may need.
  • Do I have to pass a background check for employment?
    You must have a clean background in order to be employed by our agency due to the nature of our available partnerships. Background checks cover a time period of up to 36 months. There is a $30 fee for the background check, for which you are responsible. Background checks may take up to two weeks to be returned.
  • Do you welcome agents nationally?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to offer opportunities to residents of the following states: California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, and Wisconsin
  • What equipment do I need to begin working?
    You will need a laptop (Chromebook not supported), headset, and internet to begin. You are required to have hard-wired internet. Hotspots and Wi-Fi only is not allowed. If you would prefer to purchase equipment directly from us, we have packages with special pricing just for our agents!
  • Will taxes be withheld from my pay?
    As an independent contractor, you will be issued a 1099 for income reporting and no taxes will be withheld from your pay. You do have the option to pay quarterly taxes on your own if you wish, and we can help you with that if you desire.
  • How quickly do I have to secure employment?
    You are required to onboard for your first job within 30 days of signing up with our agency.
  • Is training required?
    Yes, each partner provides training.
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